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Press Comments


„Elvis tribute artist Grahame Patrick sends fans into raptures. Every pose is right on the mark. Every movement, every lip twitch and every look mirror the archetypal image we have of Elvis. The singer successfully resurrects the eternal musical legend with the power of his voice. The many and varied aspects of Elvis are presented with extraordinary attention to detail. It is therefore not surprising that female members of the audience continue to storm onto the stage to kiss the hand of the 'King'.“

Süddeutsche Zeitung

„A monumental one-man show! I couldn't imagine anything better.“

Hamburger Morgenpost

„A perfect two-hour show. The fans jumped out of their seats, danced and nearly went into raptures during songs such as 'Love Me Tender', & 'Heartbreak Hotel' and particularly 'Jailhouse Rock' Elvis will be the King forever!“

Bild Munich

„Elvis' magnetism is almost palpable throughout every row in the auditorium. Irish performer Grahame Patrick suddenly makes us believe that his idol wanted one thing and one thing only: to sing. We perceive how Elvis wanted to feel the rhythm inside and to enable the whole world to experience it too. It gets even better. Ed Enoch, legendary lead singer of The Stamps Quartet from Nashville, Tennessee, is also part of the cast. Enoch toured with Elvis from February 1971 to August 1977. He sometimes appears discreetly in the background, but when he appears in a duet with the 'King' the audiences in Bonn give him a standing ovation with shouts of bravo. It is worth noting that the audience had responded in this way even before the interval had begun.“

Bonner Generalanzeiger

„Thundering applause for a magnificent singer. The Irish singer's vocal range enraptured the audience. He sings the high notes with tenderness and produces rich and velvety tones in the low range.“

Hessische Niedersächsische Allgemeine

„Grahame Patrick lives Elvis and his music. The celebrated Elvis tribute artist from Las Vegas astounds audiences worldwide and brings them into raptures.“

Aachener zeitung

„A TOP CLASS music show. The whole audience had jumped out of their seats by the end of the performance.“

Flensburger Tagblatt